IPv6 prefix delegation on FreeBSD router

Goal I’m attempting to set up a router box in to replace my SFR router on a home network. As my SFR plan has native IPv6, this box will request a prefix delegation and set up IPv6 routing for the computers on the home network. It will also handle NAT for IPv4. This is supposed to be a drop-in replacement for the SFR provided box, so it will have to:

DHCP Option 121 in PFSense

The DHCP Option 121 is described here: http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3442. It allows the DHCP server to send a classless route. In PFSense, one can add this option by setting the type to string. The catch is that the length is variable, according to the netmask length. For example, to add via, the HEX is: 08:0A:0A:64:05:01

Custom SSL certificate for iDrac 7 without CSR

If you want to use the Dell iDrac with a certificate signed by your CA, the web gui allows you to create a CSR, and upload the signed certificate. But if for some reason you want to generate the certificate and key outside of iDrac, the gui doesn’t offer a way to upload the key. There is a way to use fully custom certificates, but it requires the racadm command line utility.