If you want to use the Dell iDrac with a certificate signed by your CA, the web gui allows you to create a CSR, and upload the signed certificate. But if for some reason you want to generate the certificate and key outside of iDrac, the gui doesn’t offer a way to upload the key.

There is a way to use fully custom certificates, but it requires the racadm command line utility. Assuming you have generated the certificate, here are the steps:

Upload the CA cert:

    racadm -r -i sslcertupload -f c:\path\to\ca.crt -t 2

Upload the cert key:

    racadm -r -i sslkeyupload -f c:\path\to\the_cert.key -t 1

Upload the cert:

    racadm -r -i sslcertupload -f c:\path\to\the_cert.crt -t 1

If you are using intermediate CAs, ca.crt should contain all the CA chain, starting with the root one.